Home Depot Distribution Center | Corsicana, Texas

National Roof Drainage was contracted by CEI “Tecta America” in 2014 to install 28 new 6” overflow roof drains and 3,000 LF of 6” PVC piping on Phase 1 of the Old Home Depot Distribution Center in Corsicana, TX . At the time, this building was the 3rd largest foot print building in Texas at 1,700,000 SF. In 2018 when Dart Trucking purchased the property, again “Tecta America” was contracted to complete phase 2 of the roof, we were again called in to install the overflow roof drains and piping. This time, not only did we install 60 new overflow roof drains and 12,000 LF of new piping, we were asked to replace all the existing roof drains on phase 1 and 2, we replaced 178 roof drains.

Total Contract Price $787,000.00